Teen Facial    60 Min

 Specially designed to meet the needs of younger skin,This facial will help balance, exfoliate & renew your skin.  I will provide advice on proper skin care steps that promote a healthy, glowing complexion.  This is great for all skin types.  


Firming Treatment   90 Min.

Firms, Hydrates and visibly lightens facial contours with key ingredients, such as soluble collagen, marine plant extracts and hyaluronic acid.  A perfect beauty treatment for those seeking immediate results before a special occasion or event.  Add on a enzyme mask for a dramatic result.


Deep Poor clarifying    90 Min

Exfoliate and hydrate the skin to balance oily 

or trouble prone areas.  This deep pore cleansing treatment focuses on removing impurities with pineapple enzymes to dissolve the build up of dead skin cells, while refining your skin tecture.  Double cleansing and gentle extractions, followed by a cooling mask, sooth and facilitate healing of inflamed and irritated skin. 


Whitening Treatment   60 Min

Brighten and revitalize sun damaged, blemishedor discolored skin with this gentle treatment that focuses on refining, hydrating and restoring luminosity to uneven skin tones, by using a highly effective, stabilized form of Vitamin "A". 


Signature Facial    60 Min

This hydrating and refreshing facial is ideal for a busy individual, trying to wind down.   This treatment includes deep cleansing, exfoliation and masking.Add an enzyme or an AHA mask for more dramaticresults.

Anti-Aging treatment   60 Min

Combat signs of fine lines, wrinkles and premature aging.  With this gentle ,nourishing, hydrating and stimulating treatment. Exfoliation with papaya enzymes better 

 prepares the skin for product absorption and stimulates cell turnover while lily, marine collagen and ceramides are infused into the skin to strengthen elasticity and moisture retention.


Gentleman's Facial   60 Min

A customized facial that includes thorough cleansing, enzyme exfoliation and extractions to soften build-up of dead skin cells, to eliminate impurities and the negative effects of shaving.  Revealing a smoother, healthier complexion. By  combining the very best of 

nature and science. The power of organic materials, plants and cutting edge bio-tech ingredients offer the ultimate rejuvenating system for younger, healthier and more refined skin.


Back Cleansing    90 Min


A special back treatment designed to cleanse, exfoliate hydrate and firm even the most neglected backs.  Eliminate devitalized cells with the help of papaya enzymes. By removing the Impurities and by applying a firming, slimming and toning mask, will give you a smooth glowing back. 


Microdermabrasion   45 Min

Microdermabrasion is an effective, gentle way to exfoliate the outermost layers of the skin to help reveal softer, smoother, more vibrant skin.  Fine lines and crow's feet, age spots. Large pore size, stretch marks. acne and acne scaring have all shown improvement after microdermabrasion treatments.  


Chemical Peel    60 Min

Combat signs off fine lines, wrinkles and premature aging with this effective, exfoliating and stimulating treatment.  Exfoliation with natural enzymes and chemical resurfacing ingredients that stimulate cell turnover. Chemical peel's assists in resurfacing the skin in the quickest manner. 

Cellulite Reduction   60 Min

This treatment is for the arms, legs and stomach. A unique treatment that begins with exfoliation to remove devitalized cells and to stimulate circulation of the skin, followed by a gentle massage with highly 

concentrated products to restore hydration.  These products contain caffeine and collagen, improving texture and elasticity.


Wraps for Reduction   90 Min

Wraps target several different areas.  Drop a few to several inches from your waist in an hour's time without exercising or dieting.  Repeated users of mineral body

wraps see a major difference.  People often get body  wraps before special events, holidays or performances. Body wraps slim the silhouette, reduce cellulite and also nature the skin.


Target Areas are as follows:



Full Legs

Half Leg


Wave Therapy    60 Min

 Waive Therapy treatment improves the appearance of your skin and reduces cellulite using a machine.  This device

generates waves, which addresses the components that are responsible for cellulite. The treatment involves minimal discomfort and is given over a series of 6

procedures, once a week over 6 weeks.  Single treatments are required every 6 months to maintain the improvement.  

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